Saturday, January 29, 2011

people always make the mistake of thinking art is created for them but really art is a private language for sophisticates to congratulate themselves on their superiority to the rest of the world - calvin and hobbes

This year has started

buona sera 2010/wintergreen transfer/watercolor
For a woman who has always stayed gold/a well traveled man- collage/watercolor 2010
Ned- was done by wonderful roommate and one of my best friends Michelle Garcia and then thats just a small drawing I did up in the corner
Just messin around with color- pastel
Untitled- Monoprint 2010

These are all pieces from summer/winter and the fall semester

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

this semester is going to be really great, I'm excited for this year and I'm excited to see what everyone is going to produce and what I' m going to make for my self. Also I am officially in Senior Fine Arts Seminar and I am moving into my studio! this is so exciting i'm looking forward to everything.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

I'm terribly sorry about the photo-booth quality

"December I'll always love your early sunsets"
"Once upon a time I swam in the Mediterranean"
sharpie/gouache/watercolor/color pencil
"Hey Mama Wolf"
colored pencil/pen/gouache/water color/sharpie
"I'll always remember you this way"
"I remember the days when all I would eat is candy and ice cream"
watercolor/colored pencil/gouache

I'm sorry about the photo-booth quality but here is a sneak peak of some things I worked on today.