Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Something I am looking forward too.

for my final in my collage projects I am doing a diptych on 2 panels that are about the size of me based on the vulnerability of people when you are intimate with another person. It goes either way. For women, men, men and men and women and women. It's a time when someone is always vulnerable, whether you are in love or if it's just because you want to use someone because it's human nature. I have used a plethora of images of famous people, people in bed together, couples interacting to show the process of how you get to that point with someone. I've also incorporated paint in the collages too. A recent inspiration for this project was also the film "Kids" by Larry Clark because of the commentary between teenagers and how they view sex at that age. Another inspiration was Rob Rauschenberg's "The Bed" because with that piece he is representing his vulnerability as a man. I have also decided to do these collages in black and white because I also think it's a more tasteful way of presenting these images. Anyway here are a few close ups and the first panel I have started. This isn't done it's still a work in progress but I just wanted to share since I am very excited about where this project is going

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

writings about italy from my moleskine.

I keep having dreams about this place a beautiful place i was so happy everyday something new happened the colors the people and the life i miss it, like i miss someone I'm in love with so many memories, looking out your apartment window seeing the words "ti amo princepessa"- hoping one day someone will leave me unsigned love letters in unknown side streets.

moleskine pages

"sunday morning in the city"
"girl(s) aloud secret"
"all I need is a few minutes"
"you can't tell me what's right and what's wrong"
"sorry i got lost for a minute"

Music & Collage

"i love you golden blue"
"this house is sad"
" a man like that's like an unmade bed"

"love will tear us apart again"

Nostalgia Continued

"this is how she sees true love"
"february 27th 2010"
"ghosts & memories of last year"


"happy birthday michelle"
"its tooth hurty"
"taylor and olivia remember the day it was hailing outside"
"we're all human"
"you knew you missed one, when she told me she was crazy that night"

nostaligia:(n) a sentimental yearning for the happiness of a former place or time.
these are pages I photo copied and collaged together from my first moleskine. right now im focusing on memories and certain events from last year that have stayed with me. these aren't meant for people to understand unless you were there or you had some part of these events. these are all sayings and events recorded by me or other people.

Monday, April 4, 2011

last but not least gods & monsters.

"the goddess of love and beauty aphrodite"
"the god of wine parties and festivals, madness,civilization, drunkess and pleasure dionysus"
"god of the sea, rivers, flood , droughts, storms, earthquakes and horses, poseidon"
"the god of music, healing, plague, prophecies, poetry and archery, apollo"

for ryans upcoming gods & monsters show I decided to do four collages on watercolor paper based off four of the olympian deities

Arts Not Dead 2

"my mind is here, but my heart is somewhere else"
collage on paper

collage projects, arts not dead 2, gods & monsters

for my collage projects we class we had to do a mark making painting so I decided to do a painting inspired by jasper johns the painting above that this recent work is inspired by is his corpse and mirror II
still a work in progress.