Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Something I am looking forward too.

for my final in my collage projects I am doing a diptych on 2 panels that are about the size of me based on the vulnerability of people when you are intimate with another person. It goes either way. For women, men, men and men and women and women. It's a time when someone is always vulnerable, whether you are in love or if it's just because you want to use someone because it's human nature. I have used a plethora of images of famous people, people in bed together, couples interacting to show the process of how you get to that point with someone. I've also incorporated paint in the collages too. A recent inspiration for this project was also the film "Kids" by Larry Clark because of the commentary between teenagers and how they view sex at that age. Another inspiration was Rob Rauschenberg's "The Bed" because with that piece he is representing his vulnerability as a man. I have also decided to do these collages in black and white because I also think it's a more tasteful way of presenting these images. Anyway here are a few close ups and the first panel I have started. This isn't done it's still a work in progress but I just wanted to share since I am very excited about where this project is going

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