Tuesday, May 3, 2011

An open call to all artists!

the lady i'm interning for this summer has sent me invites for two shows at the A.I.R gallery brooklyn one is a show that is for transgender & women artists only and the second is a postcard show
here are the links I really hope people decide to submit!
Another thing I forgot to mention is my piece sold at Artrageous! So now someone can attend college. and Now for the final stretch of school!

"Illegitimate and Herstorical"

"Wish You were Here 10"

Monday, May 2, 2011

And For The Record My Heart Is Sore.

"unsigned love letters in unknown side streets"
"just tell me one more time that you care"
"I I follow, I follow you, dark boom honey"
"and for the record my heart is sore"
"the day I go to San Francisco I'll wear flowers in my hair"

Works on Raw Canvas

works on raw canvas done with water color, hand sewing and sharpie marker

This One's For You.

"she sang a soft tune"
"we kiss on the mouth"
"but we cough down our sleeves"
"and a bed and a shoreline"
"me and you"

these are recent drawings I did based on recent events of emotions and feelings and relationships.