Sunday, March 20, 2011

that's all for now!

photo fun

lynch park

some photos I took at the beach while I was with shaina on thursday because it was beautiful out.

more moleskine

"for my brother myles I am so proud of you and I love you"
"I can't lift you up cause my mind is tired"
a close up from an untitled piece
"see you soon, see you so soon"
"In a west end town in a dead end world with the east end boys and west end girls"


"I see a ship in the harbor"
"every time I see you falling I get down on my knees and pray"
"you have a piece of my heart please be careful with it"

Finally an update.

in these life like weeds/memories of rhode island
first drawing was drawn to life like weeds by modest mouse/second drawing is of a memory of a beach in westerly, r.i.
"to the dominican boys down at the bodega, i love you but my mother said i can't marry you."
"stella was a diver and she was always down"
"i was sitting on a couch at forty fed and this is what happened"

well it's been a while. I have recently found some inspiration through traveling to nyc and new jersey these past few weeks. I've also started working in moleskines and I want to do five by the end of the semester for my senior seminar class.
so here are some pages from my moleskine